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Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange

The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) is a statewide information and referral service for families interested in adopting children from foster care, and for adoption workers looking for homes for these children. The MARE website provides a listing of waiting children in Michigan and of Michigan families interested in adopting children with special needs. To view waiting children, please visit the photolisting page.

James 1:27 reads: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and
faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (emphasis Dr. William Jones).

Meet Jevon

Mix talent with compassion, and you’ve got Jevon. His talents include baking, drawing and playing games. On the compassionate side, Jevon likes helping other children as well as adults and is very loyal and protective of those he trusts. He also is polite and well-mannered. He enjoys being the center of attention around those he cares about. Some of his other interests include fishing, soaking up the outdoors and playing basketball and football. He also has an interest in model cars, and if he could visit any place in the world he would pick California not for Disneyland or the movie stars, but because he remembers the Golden State is a warm state. Closer to home, Jevon likes visiting the library and listening to music, especially rap and R&B.

Meet Zandra

Her name starts with "Z," but Zandra's biggest personality trait starts with "A," as in active. After school, she's likely to attend a meeting of the Boys & Girls Club. Then it's off to dancing or basketball. Sometimes, she might join her church youth group or its choir. On the weekends, she'll often take a trip to the mall. At home, she'll chip in for chores, especially cleaning tasks. She even wants to carry her active lifestyle into a career by becoming a police officer or “doing anything sports related,” she says. When it's time for Zandra to take a breather, she'll study her favorite subject, math -- because in her words, “you use it for a lot of things.” Or she'll munch on her favorite food, pizza. This girl’s “A” to “Z” interests spread to things she wants to do with her future forever family such as going to the mall, the movies or the grocery store.

Meet William

William is a sports fan who enjoys participating as well as watching. William says he likes basketball and football. His favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat while his favorite football team is the Michigan Wolverines. In school, gym is one of William’s favorite classes. William also likes math because it’s an easy subject for him. He has a creative side as well and expresses it by drawing and coloring. “William likes to draw pictures and sketch in his notepad,” says his worker. William also enjoys helping around the house. “William is compassionate and thoughtful of others in the home,” says his worker. When it’s time to relax, you might find William reading an interesting book or playing an engaging video game. Or you might find him spending time with his friends, which is one of his favorite activities. William also enjoys watching movies with his current caregivers.

Meet Latasha

You gotta love a kid like Latasha who says that being silly makes her laugh. Tasha, as she prefers, jokes about the most important thing she wants people to know about her, saying that she’s “weird and crazy.” However, she’s not so “weird” when she talks about the place she most wants to visit, which is Florida. “I want to see dolphins,” Tasha says. Her other favorite critters include horses, dogs, snakes and rhinos. On the weekends, you’d likely find her sleeping, which is one her favorite free-time activities. Tasha also enjoys reading -- she “carries a book with her at all times” says her worker – listening to music and attending church on Sundays. One of Tasha’s goals is to become more involved with school sports and a church community. Tasha enjoys other sports as well such as football and basketball. Tasha has recently started attending sporting events at her high school and values the additional time with her friends out of school hours. Another favorite activity is watching television; her favorite shows include ”Smallville,” “Supernatural,” “Charmed,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Fosters,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Some of the things she’d like to do with her future forever family include going places and having fun nights out together.

Children of Promise

Children of Promise is one of the outstanding and effective ministries in our Church of God family.

Children of Promise started 22 years ago through the drive and vision of missionaries Sidney and Jean Johnson.

Children of Promise is in 27 countries (soon to be 28) and focuses on four areas of a child’s life:

Food – often for children who have no promise of a next meal.

Education – For many of the children there would be no hope of school without the support of Children of Promise. Medical support – even if it involves major medical events.

A community of faith – Children of Promise works with local congregations who actively are involved in children’s lives. For many children it is the only real family they have. We do not go into a community to do programs; we are a community.

Currently we are nearing the 4,700 active children. When a child enters the program we continue support through high school. (Even if a sponsor stops support.)

Children of Promise has over 1,000 volunteers around the world. Many of those volunteers give thirty and more hours a week. They see the difference Children of Promise makes!

Children of Promise has served over 10,000 children. Many were literally saved from starvation, abuse, indentured servitude, homelessness, and death.

Children have become doctors, lawyers, ministers, nurses, government officials, business owners, church leaders, Children of Promise leaders, and self-sufficient adults.

Each child is real, and has one sponsor.

Sponsors can go on trips and meet their actual child.

On a rotating basis each Children of Promise site is visited, volunteers document the expense and work, and each child is interviewed to be sure that proper support is taking place.

Of course, Children of Promise goes through an annual audit which is given to the Board of Directors. Children of Promise is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Many Children only have hope because of Children of Promise. If you are interested in reaching others around the world and making an immediate, powerful, and lasting ministry through your own greater Church of God family, contact Children of Promise today.

Kirk Bookout, 765-648-2114

Jeff Jenness, President of Servant Solutions, a sponsor of a child, and Children of Promise board member speaks in a short video: (Click the link or cut and paste to see the video)