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of the Church of God
in Michigan

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SYC Logo 2017

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 28:19 NIV

Michigan State Youth Convention
was held May 5-7, 2017

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dear Leaders,

SYC 2017 is going to be amazing! Pastor Kevin Perthuis (KP), our speaker, will bring the Word to us with power and energy. And, at the suggestion of many, we are bringing back Alanna Story to passionately guide us with worship and praise. The Student Leadership Team (SLT) and the Task Force thought outside the box when planning for 2017! Read on for some of the new surprises! We are hoping to have YOU be a part of SYC 2017!

Sincerely, Youth Convention Task Force

Registration Deadlines/Costs

April 16-April 28- $160 ($80 deposit)

Each adult and student owes a remainder of $80 upon arrival to SYC. All deposits are non-refundable and cannot be applied to the group’s remaining balance.

PayPal is available with a $3 per person convenience charge. Checks can be sent with registrations with no additional costs. All final payments make upon arrival must be done by check. We are unable to process credit cards.

Scholarship Money

We have limited resources for students for 2017, but would like to assist if possible. Scholarships are designed for students who have never attended State Youth Convention and/or are struggling financially. Congregations chosen will be awarded individual scholarships of $50.00 which may be used for the initial registration fee. Churches desiring consideration should email Matt Stone at no later than March 1, 2017. Notifications will be made by March 15, 2017.

Top 6 SYC News Flashes For 2017….

  1. All SYC materials this year will be available online only. Churches that register will receive email updates until convention time.

  2. Remember/be aware as you plan your rooming assignments, of an important newer WMU policy that affects everyone. Adult chaperones, or any youth 18 years or older may not room with someone 17 years old or younger. They may continue to be suite mates. The only exception that WMU has made for 2017 is if a parent would be rooming with their child of the SAME sex and the suite mates would also be that same sex. WMU will accommodate if this makes uneven numbers for your group.

    To help us identify those that are 18 or older, please place a star by the name on the housing forms.

    In the past, churches have needed to provide 3 copies of the housing form (1 white and 2 colored). This year we are asking you to complete a “sample” list of your wishes on the downloaded housing form and bring it with you. Hopefully that will be the way WMU can accommodate your group. Then you will be able to complete the 2 additional forms at WMU that we will provide.

  3. Also, be aware that registration for the convention ENDS on April 28 at Noon. WMU requires that we have all numbers in to them 1 week prior to the convention and no further changes can be made. Substitutions within your group can be made after that, but with only the same sex.

  4. SOMETHING EXCITING and NEW!!! Recreation is changing big time on Saturday!! We are going off site and heading to Sky Zone (5103 Portage Road, Kalamazoo) for trampoline time! The convention will be separated into 2 groups, each getting 2 hours of jump time. There will also be “party rooms” with tvs. and DVDs that we will have playing. There will be 9 Square and Ga Ga ball outside. We will also have cards and tables for those needing to rest. Each church is responsible for your own transportation. Socks for jumping are provided.

    Waivers are MANDATORY and need to be completed prior to arrival. We ask that youth leaders download the waivers, have parents complete them and then mail them with the registration materials to the STATE OFFICE. NO ONE will be able to jump or observe with forms not entirely completed! Leaders are responsible for checking that everyone in their group has a form and that they are completed. Hundreds of forms that day having to be put in Sky Zone’s system wouldn’t allow much, if any jumping time!

  5. Dorms-We are using the same dorms as in 2016- Britton, Hadley, Ackley, and Shilling in Valley 1. We will be registering in Britton. Check out the WMU map for the highlighted area.

  6. Three of our church colleges are participating in unique ways at SYC this year- Warner University (Lake Wales, Florida), Anderson University (Anderson, Indiana), and Mid-America Christian University MACU (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). Each school will be highlighted and sharing in one of our services during the weekend. They are also very generously co-sponsoring our Friday night pizza party. Make sure to say thanks and check out their booths as we welcome their energy and loving spirit.

Kevin Perthuis (speaker)

Kevin Perthuis

Kevin Perthuis currently serves as Campus Pastor at First Church Benton Heights campus in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He serves with his wife Jerika and two children Elijah and Harper.

Alanna Story (worship)Alanna Story

Born into a family with a deep faith and musical heritage, Anna Hodge and Ally West had a passion for music from a young age. As the sisters grew in their walks with God, they found music to not only be their response to the things they experienced - both painful and beautiful things - but also a means of connecting to the heart of God and help others do so as well. In addition to being original artists, the sisters also have a strong calling to lead worship. Over the years doors opened for Ally and Anna to share and lead together and in 2008 Alanna Story officially began. The band was divinely (and literally) formed into a family, comprised of Ally’s husband, Stephen (electric guitar/mandolin), Anna’s husband, Ben (drums), and Joel Burkhead (bass), whom the girls consider a brother. Uniting incredible talent and more importantly sincere hearts for worship, the band creates a powerful, energetic atmosphere for others to encounter the presence of God. They have released four recording projects, Keep Breathing (2009) Flickering Spark (2011), Just Offshore (2013), Ancient Gates (2014) and We Hymn (2016) and have traveled both nationally and internationally sharing the stage with many national recording artists and speakers. As their territory expands, Alanna Story’s main pursuit remains to exalt Jesus and lead others into His presence.

Useful Details and Guidelines

Registering Your Group

Send the registration form, the registration fee, any t-shirt orders, and Sky Zone waivers to the Church of God State Office. Be sure and make copies for yourself. An email confirmation, amount still owed, and last minute notes will be sent to you at least one week prior to the convention.

If you would like to partner with another group leader to plan for the convention, get questions answered, or even travel together, please contact Matt Stone, Youth Convention Task Force Chair, at (616) 232-5520 or and he will be excited to team you with another leader in this process!

Registration at Convention

Follow signs at Western Michigan University (WMU) to the registration area in the dorm. Registration closes at 7:45 P.M. to allow everyone to attend the evening service. If you must arrive late, please call us at (989) 600-0339, come directly to Miller Auditorium and check in at the will call table for your admission lanyards. Late registration for the convention will convene after the service in the dorm area.

Rooming Forms

Prior to arriving, please complete the white rooming sheet with the student and adult names as you would ideally like them placed. Remember the new policy of no one 18 or older staying in a room with anyone 17 or younger! STAR ALL STUDENTS AND ADULTS 18 YEARS AND OLDER, PLEASE. At registration you will be asked to fill out additional forms with any changes that WMU needs or as you originally planned.

Mandatory Counselor Meeting

We need at least one adult from every church to meet Friday evening for a short time during the worship service at Miller Auditorium. Announcements will be made as to place and time. Important information and opportunities will be discussed.

Dress Code

Many of our youth may not understand the reason for dressing modestly. Please give them Biblical truths behind these suggestions.

Everyone: No gang/drug/alcohol memorabilia displayed anywhere. Please be aware of clothing or accessories that might be politically or culturally offensive to others also.

Girls:Shorts must be as long or longer than fingertips when holding arms at side. Shirts should bear no back, belly, or cleavage. No spaghetti strap tank tops- must be two fingers width.

Guys: Keep pants where they belong. No Sagging!

Remind students and adults to bring appropriate clothing for the recreational activities.

We are depending on each Youth Ministry to enforce this policy for their individual group!

Damages and Lost Keys

Any damages caused from water, breakage, or tampering will be charged to individual churches by the university. Please make sure your youth know ALL the rules so there will be no surprises! $75. will be charged to YOUR CHURCH for any lost keys or damaged locks. Do stress to your students the importance of keeping track of keys!

Special Needs

If your group will be bringing a student that is deaf or with hearing difficulties and in need of an interpreter, please contact Matt Stone no later than March 1 at (616) 232-5520 or

Room Assignments

WMU prohibits the moving of beds, furniture, or mattresses within rooms or from room to room during the weekend. We also ask that leaders and youth remain in the assigned rooms. Co-ed visiting in a room is only allowed when a counselor is present. NO youth are permitted in the dorms during service times unless ill and with an adult.

Safety Issues

Chaperones MUST be with youth at all times on Saturday during the recreation and are responsible for supervision to and from dorms, at the cafeteria and Miller auditorium. NO youth are to walk around campus without adults! Adults, you are responsible for the discipline of your own group!

The outside dorm doors are locked at 12:00 A.M. each night. Everyone must be in his or her own rooms by 1:30A.M. Campus security will be monitoring. Counselors are responsible for quiet time respected each night.

WMU Policies

  • No pizza deliveries on campus.
  • Shoes being worn in public buildings (county health regulation).
  • No skateboards, smoking, illegal drug use, or water balloons on campus.
  • No yelling out of windows, or throwing things out, or removing screens.
  • No tampering with fire alarms or elevators (includes excessive pushing of buttons) Churches will be responsible for incurred expenses to repair damages.

The Youth Convention Task Force also asks that:

  • Personal DVD players not be used during services.
  • Cell phones and texting not be allowed during services unless suggested by a speaker.
  • Adults please help eliminate traffic to the restrooms during the services.
  • Adults remind everyone that attendance at all services is mandatory and failure to adhere to convention guidelines may result in expulsion from the convention.
Keeping the facilities in great condition will provide a positive Christian witness to the University and its employees.

Leaders- Remember to:

  • Devote time to talk about behavior, expectations, and guidelines with your group prior to arriving.
  • Be alert to youth who are responding to messages. Be ready to talk and pray with them during the weekend. Have fun with your group and others. Get to know and appreciate our wonderful students and leaders from around the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many adult leaders do we need to bring?
A: Please have at least one adult for every five youth of the same sex.

Q: What happens when we arrive at WMU?
1. One leader checks your group in at the registration table in Britton Hall - Valley 1.
2. The balance owed for your group is due at this time with checks made payable to Church of God in Michigan (no cash, please) Credit cards cannot be processed onsite..
3. You will get your rooming assignments, keys, bedding, and lanyards. Your lanyards are your meal ticket and entrance to all programs in Miller Auditorium. They must be worn at all times on campus. The lanyards are also a place to attach room keys and may be kept after the convention. (Leaders- please collect lanyards and keys at Sky Zone)
4. Purchase $10 University parking permits for your vehicles. (Do not include this amount in your check for registrations!) Vehicles with professionally painted logos or professional magnetic signs are exempt. Without the permit, you could be fined. You will pay this fee at the WMU desk when getting room assignments.
5. Sheets and two thin towels will be provided. NO blankets or pillows are provided. Students and adults are encouraged to bring their own.

Q: What if we need information during the convention?
A: At check in you will be given the cell number of your dorm host and a Youth Convention Task Force member who will be able to help and can be identified by their unique staff shirts!

Q: Will our youth need extra spending money for the weekend?
A: This is not mandatory. However, there are pop machines and artist merchandise to purchase.

Q: What if I have more students or adults to add after the initial registration?
A: You may add more through April 28. Rates vary according to the date you are registering and can be done by going to the state church website – and registering additional by PayPal or check. Questions can be referred to Connie Graham at (989) 835-9262 or

Q: Do I need Medical Permission Forms?
A: Yes, you a responsible for securing medical forms for your youth and keeping them with you for the weekend. We will supply directions to the nearest hospital in case of emergencies.

Q: How can our youth find out more about the Michigan Singers?
A: Look for the Michigan Singers booth near the convention bookstore area or e-mail Dick Forsman at

Q: Waht if I want to know more about the Sky Zone jumping experience?
A: Questions can be directed to our Task Force Recreation director, Dan Steenbergh, (248) 804-0184.


Contact Matt Stone at or (616) 232-5520

Youth Convention Task Force

Matt Stone, Tori Eckman, Connie Graham, Leo Robinson II, Jenny Salas, Jessica Staton, Dan Steenbergh, Heidi Steenbergh, Alexandra Weeks, Caleb Weeks, and Bill Jones